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Writing, school, creativity

Everything for the start of school, study course, writing and hobbies.
School backpacks, student bags, fountain pens, ballpoint pens, glue and much more.

Writing, school, creativity

This range makes sure that you're always well equipped – be it for the very first day at school or the start of the next semester after the holidays. Anyone looking for a more elegant writing instrument in addition to ballpoint pens, rollerball pens and fountain pens will find it here.

There is also a broad range of artist's items and craft supplies to make sure that your creative streak doesn't miss out.


Elegant writing instruments

The demand for elegant fountain pens and top-quality ballpoint pens is high despite the digital age we live in.

A hand-written letter is something of value in these times of WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat. The perfect writing instrument for a pleasant writing experience and an appealing result is therefore all the more important. A high-quality fountain pen or rollerball pen is an ideal gift – be it for customers, employees or friends.


For artists big and small

It makes little difference whether it's a homemade gift for Mother's Day or a work of art in oil – life would be drab without creativity.

Creativity is an important aspect of our lives from an early age. A child who starts with a crayon drawing at nursery school might one day exhibit great works of art in the museums of this world. From paint brushes and Fimo polymer clay to spray cans and various paints – this is the place for artists.


Ready for the next term

Holiday time is the high season for school accessories. It's best to get all the things you need in good time.

School holidays are always over faster than you think. So the golden rule is: get all the school items you need for next term well in advance. Those who make sure that they have a freshly filled pencil case, new folders, textbooks and the like can enjoy their holidays before it's time to go "Back to School".


Ready for the first day at school

It is a big and important day in the life of every child: the first day at school. Everything has to be just right on this day.

Starting school brings many changes to children's lives. They are now big boys and girls and need their own satchel or backpack and everything that goes with it. From pencil case with ballpoint pens, pencils and sharpeners to lunch boxes. Everything should be just perfect. That's why it is so important to select the first school utensils with care.

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