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Storage media

All you need for digital data backups and storage.
USB sticks, hard drives, solid state disks, memory cards and more.

Storage media

Storing, exchanging, archiving data – storage media have become an essential item of everyday office life. The archive folder of yesterday is the hard drive of today. Instead of printing photos, we now share them on USB sticks, SD cards or CDs.

Keeping up with the fast-paced world of storage media means staying on the ball and abreast of every innovation.

USB sticks Range

Small storage giants

Portable data wherever you go

Private and business files, photos, videos and music: we want permanent access to our content to show it, hear it, share it – no matter where we are. USB sticks make that possible. They offer up to 256 GB of compact storage space that fits in any pocket.

Solid State Disks Range

SSD for top performance

Maximum speed, maximum performance – solid state disks help us to utilise the full potential of any computer.

Grab a quick coffee while the computer is booting? No chance with an SSD! Solid state disks boost the performance, speed and reliability of every laptop and PC. Perfect for the fast pace of modern life. Whether internal or external, an SSD delivers a better computing experience.

Hard drives Range

More space thanks to hard drives

Save and retrieve important data quickly and easily. Internal and external hard drives make that possible.

Be it for a daily data backup or a general extension of the computer's storage capacity – an office without hard drives is now inconceivable. They reliably store up to 4 TB of data and take up next to no space in comparison to folders.


Compact memory extensions

No more space for holiday snap-shots? That is ancient history! There are virtually no limits to storage capacity thanks to modern memory cards.

Whether for smartphone, notebook, tablet or camera – memory cards make sure our devices always have enough room for photos, videos and apps. SD and microSD cards can now hold over 200 GB of data and help improve device performance. And all that in a very compact format. 


The classic storage media

Want to give customers some nicely packaged photos of an event or business presentation? No problem at all with a CD, DVD or Blu-ray disk.

The CD’s success story as a storage medium for music began back in the 1980s. DVD and Blu-ray came later on with even more storage capacity and were extremely popular, especially for films and computer games. 

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