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“The world´s favourite scissors”.

The WESTCOTT brand’s success story

This proud product claim has a sound basis: the WESTCOTT brand’s success story began 140 years ago in offices and schools around the world. 

The scissor and ruler manufacturer soon became the leading brand in the USA and the preferred choice of teachers, pupils and students. Encouraged by the brand’s popularity, WESTCOTT built on its success to market other precision devices for office and school use. 

Pencil sharpeners, guillotines, erasers and many other items followed. Today, the WESTCOTT brand stands for household and office products with an unmistakable design and incomparable value for money. WESTCOTT’s proverbial high quality makes us the world’s leading supplier of scissors. Again and again, year after year.


WESTCOTT is also the trendsetter for an entire product category when it comes to technology. 

Its titanium technology for cutting instruments, for instance, is unique and gives the user precisely the additional benefits that make the brand what it wants to be: The customer’s favourite scissors!

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