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All you need for your mobile office, travelling, gaming, listening to music and your smart home.
Accessories for smartphones, tablets, computers and gaming consoles, travel adapters and much more.


Technology is as versatile as the people who use it. Our range of peripherals is just as versatile. That's because the right peripherals and gadgets enable us to customise smartphones, computers, gaming consoles and even our homes.

Mobile working

Always at the ready and always on the go – that's what today's world of work looks like. No problem with the right gadgets.

Business life has long since moved on from taking place exclusively at the office workplace: "office everywhere" is the motto of our times. Powerbank, privacy filter and notebook case have become essential companions and enable us to deal with office work anywhere at any time.

Travelling essentials

Powerbank – check; selfie-stick – check; travel adapter – check; camera tripod and memory card – check; that's what a modern packing list looks like.

The days when a roll of film with 36 exposures was enough for the holiday snaps are long gone. Today's travellers shoot films and photos non-stop with smartphones and digital cameras. Having the right travel gadgets is essential for ensuring that snapshot options, power and storage space never run out.

Music, music everywhere

On the way to work in the morning, at the pool in the summer, in the living room at home – music is a permanent companion.

In-ear, on-ear or over-ear? The question as to which headphones are the right headphones is nowadays largely philosophical. Ultimately, it depends on when and where you want to listen to your music. Our audio range is bound to have the right solution for every situation – including various Bluetooth speakers for at home or on the go.

Gaming accessories

PC and console games are becoming ever more sophisticated and networked. The right accessories guarantee the best gaming fun.

Alone, together at home or digitally networked – gaming is a popular hobby and even a sport. The right accessories make gaming sessions entertaining and enjoyable. Ergonomic gaming chairs, racing steering wheels, headsets for multi-player sessions – this range will quicken the pulse of any gamer.


Although many of today's devices offer fully wireless functionality, we still cannot do without cables altogether.

Connecting the laptop to the projector, displaying photos on the TV directly from the camera, networking different devices – cables are used in many different areas. Our range features a comprehensive programme ranging from audio and video cables to USB extension cables and various connection cables.

Smart Home

Wi-Fi in every room, control sound, light and security cameras via a smartphone – the Smart Home has become reality.

Thanks to the latest technology, we are networked not only with family and friends but also with our homes. Smart light bulbs provide customised lighting and we can control our home and its security features from anywhere via our smartphone. In brief: we can customise our environment to suit our personal needs.

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