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Office material

Everything for every day at the office, at home and on the go.
Office material, note pads, presentation tools, cards and much more.

Office supplies

Setting up an office workplace, equipping the meeting room with presentation tools, having your office with you in your briefcase – nothing could be easier with the right range of office supplies.

From snazzy note pads and elegant office classics to modern designer pieces for the workplace – our broad range has something for every taste and every need.


Setting up a workplace

A tidy workplace is more efficient.

Pen holder, drawer cabinet, desk lamp, footrest – quite a few items go into setting up an office workplace. Having the right equipment makes every task easier. Office supplies for a tidy desk are just as important as ergonomic products for a healthy posture.


Bags for every requirement

Whether you're on the train, in the coffee shop around the corner or at the airport gate – your office is always where you are.

Trendy briefcases for business trips, practical notebook bags and conference folders for meetings plus stylish backpacks and shoulder bags for college and uni; bags are just as much a part of today's working and office environment as pens and pencils.


For a perfect presentation

A good presentation takes practice! And it will run a whole lot smoother with the right presentation tools.

Whether whiteboard, flipchart, laser pointer or digital presentation screen – the right tools make every presentation a piece of cake. Complex content is much easier to explain with visual support.


To each his own note pad

Whether simple, showy, lined or squared, note pads are and always will be important everyday companions.

Note pads are important tools in everyday life both at work and at home. They serve as a personal ideas log, memory jogger and reference manual and are as individual as their owner.


Keep an eye on the world

Maps are always needed – be it on a hike, a city trip or as an overview at the office.

Today, there's an app for more or less everything, and that includes hiking maps, A-Z maps and road maps. But nothing can beat a map when it comes to keeping an overview without the internet. And let's be honest: an elegant globe simply looks great on an office shelf or in the living room at home.


For your daily enlightenment

The right lighting in the office creates a pleasant working climate and promotes productivity.

An office workplace places a lot of strain on the eyes. The gaze jumps from screen to keyboard to documents a countless number of times. When the office lacks sufficient natural daylight, the right lighting at the workplace can help prevent fatigue and excessive strain.

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