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Materials purchasing based on ecological criteria

Companies considering the complete office ecosystem design workplaces that promote employees’ well-being and have minimal impact on the environment.

After all, products and materials not only affect employee health and performance, but also the environment to a greater or lesser extent. A growing number of purchasers therefore prefer companies who offer products that use resources efficiently and are toxin-free, long-lasting, easily reparable and recyclable.

We want to lead the way here too and have subjected our office supply products to an evaluation based on ecological criteria.

Frog King Label

The Frog King adorns products that are made of natural raw materials such as wood, cardboard, paper (recycled quality) and metal that are produced and can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner or recycled. These products are also solvent-free.

POST-IT Sticky Notes Recycling

Post-it® sticky notes are indispensable helpers for organisation of your work and communication in the office.

TESA Tesapack eco&strong

The robust and environmentally friendly packaging tape for secure packing and bundling. Strong PP quality and good adhesion.

ELCO Envelope Sycling n/window C5

A high-quality envelope made of 100% recycling paper.

Frog Label

The frog adorns products that are durable, recyclable and free from toxins and solvents. This category includes products made of FSC paper; items made from conventional fresh fibre paper do not meet these criteria. The frog also indicates products that are made from environmentally friendly plastics such as polypropylene; these products are chlorine-free, hard-wearing and therefore long-lasting and can be recycled after use. Energy-efficient devices such as pocket calculators powered by solar cells or a mains adapter also bear the frog label.

PENTEL Roller EnerGel Xm Fine 0.7mm

The products of the EnerGel family offer a smooth writing experience and extremely short drying time - different conventional gel ink. The ink is opaque and also ideal for left-handed users.

WESTCOTT Scissors 18cm

  • with Microban
  • large handle 70% recycled plastic
  • For right-handers

BIELLA File 7cm

Made in Switzerland, this is reflected in the quality and unique character of the Bundesordner Lever Arch File - the classic for every office. The board and the lever mechanism “Strong" offer more stability than conventional files and a coated inside cover enriches the inner pages.

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