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All you need for the office kitchen, meeting room and coffee breaks.
Refreshments, coffee, tea, snacks, sweets and much more.


Our catering range has everything you need to stock a basic break room. It includes various types of coffee, sweet and savoury snacks, mineral water and soft drinks as well as serviettes and disposable plates and cutlery.

All of our catering products are ideal for welcoming and looking after your guests. After all, a little something sweet next to the coffee cup gets any meeting off to a much smoother start.


Refreshing drinks

Drinking enough liquid is hugely important to our health: 1.5 litres of water per day count as the bare minimum. That applies at home and at work. That is why mineral water belongs to the basic essentials for every meeting room. Refreshing and revitalising soft drinks provide a welcome change in the office kitchen.


Sweet, savoury and salty

A little snack every now and then never goes amiss. Whether it's sweet, savoury or salty depends on individual preferences. Our range of sweets and snacks has something for every taste, from chocolate bars and crisps to jelly bears and sweets.


Take a break with a nice cup of tea…

… or coffee or hot chocolate. Hot drinks do good not only when it's cold outside. They are also ideal for recharging batteries, taking a short breather or simply switching off and relaxing for a while. Just the ticket for a quick break during a productive working day.


A beautifully laid table

A barbecue with employees, a relaxing summer aperitif or a customer event in an informal setting – your table will leave nothing to be desired with this large selection of paper table coverings, serviettes, disposable plates and cutlery and decorative articles. Special themes are also available depending on the season. Well equipped for any event.

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