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PEG: the stationers’ purchasing cooperative
Founded in 1941 by a group of proactive stationers to combine their purchasing power, the stationers’ purchasing cooperative, or PEG, has developed into the leading organisation for stationery and office supplies.

PEG expanded in 1962 and relocated to larger premises in Jurastrasse in Olten.

PEG acquired its first property at Hausmattrain in Olten in 1967. Its turnover grew to 2.8 million Swiss francs and 150 people from 96 companies participated in the general assembly. Contact with domestic and international purchasing organisations was intensified.

PEG relocated to its new premises in Feldstrasse in Aarburg in 1981. The new operating processes had a positive impact on results: the following years saw turnover increase to 25 million Swiss francs per year and a continuous growth rate from 10 to 12 per cent. A new service - planning, fitting and equipping shops - was successfully launched in cooperation with a partner company and made a huge contribution towards the industry’s image.

1997 was an important milestone in PEG’s brand strategy. The first 30 BüroLine products were launched. Turnover rose steadily in subsequent years to well over 80 million Swiss francs. Alex Zumstein from Zurich took on the position of president of the board in 1998.

PEG gained a foothold in the German market in 2010 with its proprietary BüroLine brand. PEG counted 446 members.

Christoph Clavadetscher from Gersau was elected president of the board in 2013 - the first non-stationer to hold the position.

The high-bay storage warehouse was expanded in 2014 and brought up to date with the latest technology. PEG decided at the annual general assembly to implement a significant change to its articles of association and, in doing so, wisely smoothed the way for a new chapter in PEG’s history.

In 2015, PEG outsourced its operational business to the newly established Papedis AG and incorporated it in the OFFIX Holding AG. The shareholders of the Ecomedia Group brought Ecomedia AG and its subsidiary, Oridis AG, into the joint  OFFIX Holding based in Uster. PEG held a minority share of 40% in the OFFIX Holding during a three-year transition period.

PEG celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2016 in the knowledge that the future was on track: PEG will acquire a further 40% of OFFIX Holding AG shares and acquire a controlling interest in Switzerland’s largest group of stationers.

In 2019, the PEG (Papeteristen Einkaufsgenossenschaft) increases its shareholding in OFFIX Holding AG from 40 to 80%, thus assuming the majority of shares as planned since 2015. With a consolidated turnover of around CHF 300 million and 250 employees, OFFIX Holding AG is the largest investment company in the office sector.

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